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A collective for busy individuals & soul seekers who are ready to authentically connect with other sweet ass humans, live with more purpose & connection and have potent personal development tools at their fingertips.

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Imagine If…


✦ You had access to yoga, meditation & breathwork classes whenever you wanted, to help you find more balance & flow in your crazy schedule

✦ You were connecting with yourself and your soul on a deeper level & learning rituals and practices to develop your own routine so you can feel fulfilled everyday

✦ You were discovering more of what lights you up & were deeply in touch with your intuition and spirituality

✦ You were part of a monthly book club with other soul led individuals to further your personal development


… without breaking the bank, leaving the comfort of your home or searching for a like minded community on your own


A wide variety of yoga classes & series to help you relax, get in flow, be motivated and everything in between. Whether you feel like you’re a yoga pro or have never been on the mat before, this is for you.


Practice different meditations to reduce stress, lower anxiety, enhance focus and increase mindfulness. Whether you love meditating or feel like you have nooo idea how to let your mind be still, this is also for you.


Learn different breathing patterns to move energy, feel grounded and relaxed. whether you’ve done breathwork before orrrrr have absolutely no idea what it is, you guessed it- this is for you too.

Guest Teachers

Get a taste of other beautiful teachers & their energies as they lead you through different practices, learnings and rituals.

Moon Circles

Live Full & New Moon ceremonies bringing you into connection with the energy that surrounds you while working on manifesting and letting go in a group setting.

Book Club

Read a new self development book every 2 months and meet in community to discuss teachings, experiences and opinions in a safe environment.

If this is sounding like what you need in your life, join us!

Join The Collective

Inside The Collective you will get…


✦ Access to 5 new yoga & meditation classes a month, ranging from setting intentions, overcoming fear, relaxation & stress reducing to energizing flows, vibrant vinyasa classes and everything in between

✦ Monthly live moon circles to help you connect deeper with yourself and live with more purpose & alignment

✦ A live book club and other opportunities to connect with like minded individuals on this journey

✦ Access to guest teachers sharing their expertise on different spiritual, mindset & holistic health topics

✦ 50+ classes exploring different yoga, meditation and breathwork techniques for you to experience whenever fits your busy schedule 



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